N A N C Y    S C H E I N M A N
Baltimore artist Nancy Scheinman creating mixed media copper collage landscape painting.
Robert Creamer Photograhy     

Scheinman is one of the most gifted practitioners of collage in the United States today, using it to piece together many images that convey a complex narrative. Her appreciation of color and the way they can be combined is extremely sophisticated.

— Dr. Kenneth Wayne, Heckscher Museum of Art

Fusing beauty, meditation and personal experience, Nancy Scheinman creates thought provoking mixed media paintings. Layering is fundamental to her work, with patterns — printed, painted and incised. She layers time. Like medieval artists she boxes a related sub-text of narratives within the space of the main image. Physically her pieces are interwoven with her own chronology, collaging parts of earlier images, etchings and paintings to the new.
— Lynn Marcin, Fine Art Independent Curator